Powershell ValidateNotNullOrEmpty Bug

I was showing a co-worker how easy it is to ensure that the parameters to his script were actually being set using the [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] and [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] decorators on his parameter declaration block, and we encountered a bug where he was able to pass an empty string as a parameter to his function and the validation did not catch it.

Casting Objects to Boolean in Powershell

A question came up on the Powershell technet forum asking why an empty System.DirectoryServices.SearchResultCollection was evaluating to $true. The original post is HERE, but the gist of the question is this:

Adjusting Icinga-Web Session Timeout

Icinga-Web is a more modern interface to Icinga (as opposed to the Icinga Classic interface that seeks to mimic the traditional Nagios web interface). A comparison of all three interfaces is provided at the Icinga site (https://www.icinga.org/nagios/webinterface/).

Configuring Icinga Classic for Active Directory Authentication via IWA

Out of the box, the Icinga Classic interface uses standard Apache .htaccess files (http://docs.icinga.org/1.5.0/en/cgiauth.html) to secure both the CGIs and the classic web interface. Living in an Active Directory world, I'm always looking for ways to integrate products with my existing AD credentials so I don't have to log in again. I decided our move from Nagios to Icinga was a good opportunity to figure out how achieve integrated Windows authentication (IWA) in Apache since we were having to figure out how to configure everything anyway.

WCF REST Services on IIS7

If you're using everything below:

April MS Patch Issue

After deploying our April patches we were having trouble with our Exchange servers, specifically our web mail servers were not responsive and we had high cpu utilization on all our Exchange (2010) boxes (sorry, I don't know exactly which process was going crazy with the CPU). In our initial troubleshooting, it was discovered that other symptoms were Event Viewer and Powershell both crashed immediately upon loading. This pointed us to KB2540222.

Convert a Windows SID from Binary to SDDL Form

At work I had a problem that required me to decode a SID that was stored in a database in binary form in order to locate the user/group that it represented. It turns out this is fairly easy to do, but I couldn't find a Powershell solution online and the solutions in those "other" languages tended to be overly complicated.