Adjusting Icinga-Web Session Timeout

Icinga-Web is a more modern interface to Icinga (as opposed to the Icinga Classic interface that seeks to mimic the traditional Nagios web interface). A comparison of all three interfaces is provided at the Icinga site (

One thing you will quickly notice is that after 24 minutes, your session disappears and you are prompted to log in again. From a quick glance through the code it appears they are using a very heavy handed garbage collection where they delete any sessions that are older than the php configuration variable session.gc_maxlifetime. Out of the box (on our RedHat 5.7 distro) this is configured as 1440 (1440 seconds = 24 minutes). This means that NO session can live past 24 minutes, no matter how frequently you are using it.

How to Extend the Icinga-Web Session Timeout

There are two pieces to the Icinga-Web session: PHP max session lifetime variable and the Icinga-Web session cookie lifetime variable.

To adjust the PHP max session lifetime variable:

  1. Open /etc/php.ini
  2. Change the session.gc_maxlifetime value to something more appropriate

Setting the PHP max session lifetime to 0 will cause no sessions to be cleaned out of your database, which will eventually cause problems. Icinga really needs to patch this so that accessing the Icinga-Web site updates the session_modified value and then only do GC on stale sessions.

  1. Open /usr/local/icinga-web/app/config/
  2. Adjust the <ae:parameter name="session_cookie_lifetime"> parameter to a more appropriate value

This value sets the lifetime of the cookie in your browser. Setting it to 0 will cause Icinga-Web to create a session cookie that will be valid for as long as your browser is open. This is a reasonable setting for your browser, but you will still be subjected to the PHP max lifetime value, so you will still experience timeouts.

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