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Checking SSL and TLS Versions With PowerShell

With all the SSL vulnerabilities that have come out recently, we've decided to disable some of the older protocols at work so we don't have to worry about them. After getting our group policies setup the way we wanted, we needed a way to validate that the protocols we wanted to disable were actually disabled on our servers.

Adding a Custom Certificate to McAfee ePO Server 4.0 (Apache)

Our ePO adminitrators came to me asking for help installing an enterprise certificate on our new ePO 4.0 server so they could provide a vanity dns name for management to view reports. According to McAfee, this is not supported in 4.0, but will be a feature of 4.5. Knowing that ePO runs on Tomcat, I was pretty confident that I could get it working anyway… just remember that none of this is supported. If you need a supported solution on 4.0, I recommend adding the self signed certificate to your domain certificate trust list and using the computer name to access the site.